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After a 35 year career in three distinct industries, I came back to my first love, photography. 

I've been taking pictures most of my life. I started with a Kodak Brownie, moved on to an Instamatic, then a  Polaroid Swinger (no not that kind). In high school, I took Photography and did my first darkroom work. 

When I graduated high school, my father gave me my first 35mm film camera a Minolta SRT102, which I still have. I went digital some 16 years ago and have been through a number of cameras and lenses since. 

As a young boy, I remember walking around and measuring light with my grandfather's old light meter from the '30s and peering inside old cameras to try to understand how they worked. I liked taking things apart. Putting them back together was sometimes the hard part. 

I may have broken one or two cameras. 

When I was 18  I drove around the UP of Michigan taking pictures. For as long as I can remember I have loved cameras and taking photographs. 

As much as I love photography, It can be humbling and is always a learning experience on many levels.

Since "retiring" I am working diligently to improve my photographic skills and have a desire to share my work for others' enjoyment. 

To me, photography offers many "Zen" moments to record the Tao. Hence the name (if you were wondering). 

I hope you enjoy the results and that perhaps you find something here you'd like to look at on your wall. 

Thanks, for looking. Peace.

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